Honestly I don’t do this…

I can’t reverse this…like I can’t reverse my own birth. I’m a V0d0un Priestess. In the words of Lady Gaga I was born this way. V0d0un is in your blood. Born to you through your ancestors. You can’t buy it, you can’t choose to randomly practice it because you think its cool or interesting or gonna give you super human powers to  fuck with your boyfriend from 7th grades current wife or BOYfriend for that matter. I can’t punch pinholes in dolls or wave my hand over a person and heal them (ok I can do that, but that’s Reiki not Voodoo). I don’ have locs, I don’t wear long skirts or resemble Erykah Badu circa ’99. I’m way more pink hair and old school Cadillacs. But I’m a healer. My best friends are physicians, business owners, personal assistants, Ph.D level educators, social workers, yoga instructors, hair stylists. And I…I connect people, mostly women, with their divine birth right. I connect people with their Spirits and their purpose for being born. I help clear their roads when its muddled with bad choices, family issues and personal trials. I lead them to my Godmother who helps them speak with their Ancestors directly so they can heal quickly from the physical loss of a Grandma or Father. These conversations help set the seeker on their path of destiny and purpose. I help the woman who has had 3 abortions and a violent relationship heal the Spirits of the departed children and reset the cycle of abuse so the woman can know true love in her life and develop a healthy family.  I help the man who has started 3 different business but has failed because the Spirit of his Grandfather who supports him has no energy in the Spirit world to help because he died a tragic death. We feed his Grandfather and strengthen him and encourage the man to start his business. His next venture flourishes. Honestly I don’t do this…Spirit does. Its the reason I was born. Its the reason I’ve been healthy and protected my whole life. Because I am a vehicle of Spirit. Not like a pastor or a nun who works with the general community through food drives and public generalized prayers. But a person who works directly with your Angels/Spirits/Ancestors to WORK on your behalf. Our work is a slow steady ripple…direct and unfailing. My tradition is Mami Wata from Africa. http://www.mamiwata.com Different from Haitain Voodoo and Brazilian Santeria. But the same in its respect for the Spirit/Ancestor world. Because of the fears associated with my tradition spread by Media and western religions I’ve never publicly spoken about our Work…today…I honor the request of my foremothers/ancestors and come out of the closet!

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3 thoughts on “Honestly I don’t do this…

  1. Kwabena Ap Nefer on said:

    Glad you did!

  2. Taylor on said:

    Shana, I have been reading blog post after blog post and Im highly intersted in finding out about you and family/ancesters. Please, lend me your help.

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