The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved – loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. Victor Hugo

This is an edited email I wrote to a close friend. One who feels alone most of the time. I wrote him so he would understand that everyone has a story and that I love him unconditionally.

 I understand you because I know how it feels to have Spirits and feel alien…but because of them (Spirit) Im ok and I know how to love you unconditionally. Its so confusing when you know you have purpose in this world but you feel so disconnected 95% of the time because no one in America and most Africans can even grasp the depth of your Spirit and Ancestry. YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM BOTH WORLDS. You go thru so much on this path you cant judge any human being because you yourself have been thru and seen so much pain.

You grow authentic compassion.

(In response to his comment about me being pure and honest and true)
I am not pure. Ive just been thru shit and its not worth it for me to put anyone thru unnecessary bullshit just to “ease” my own pain. It never eases…it just inflicts more pain.  You wont feel alone forever.   When you are a Spiritual person but you don’t have connection to  your Spirits its like living in purgatory! Trust me I know how you feel. You will be so happy with your life when you have that connection because your Ancestors and Spirit Guides will be at rest and in order. You will understand your purpose in life and your Spirits will be at work with you. Its a total alignment.  They choose you for this path and they do not let you rest until you’re healing and working for them. And working for them is a big call and painful too. But its so rewarding in the end.

You have to take small steps and be brave and always think of the bigger picture. Its not about what you believe or say you believe…its about what you do that matters…to the Spirits

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