I trust.

When I see a human being I believe they are good. I believe they are strong, intelligent and morally upright. When I see a dog I trust it is a beast, it is an animal, it will bite and it can read your essence i.e. animal instinct. I trust babies will cry and poop and smile in their sleep. I believe love is unconditional and uncompromising and literally can conquer all. I trust that God has a plan and that plan is our destiny and that destiny brings us the greatest joy and a hardcore sense of purpose in life.

My trust.  Is not the truth.

I have to slow down. I have to ask more questions. I can’t assume. I have to take responsibility and have gratitude for my safe and nurturing upbringing and know that everyone is NOT like me. Human beings lie, cheat, murder each other and spit in each others faces for stepping on their shoes. Dogs are treated better than humans. Babies are wiser than adults and sometimes are born angry. Humans give love on condition and will “unlove” you for silly unforeseen reasons. Sometimes we don’t know what God’s plan is…and it hurts. Some people just exist without any real plan.

In order for me to continue to live this crazy, uplifting, ballz to the wallz kinda life that I love. The life that I co-create with God everyday to fulfill my higher purpose. I have to slow down, watch my back, protect my Spirit. This doesn’t mean I have to be guarded or mean or distrustful. It means I have to have balance. I have to learn a situation and a person, place or thing. My Spirit deserves that and so do all the people, places and things that have trusted me with their friendship, trust and love.

Lesson #2 in Self worthImage

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