Its all Fun and Games

if light is in your heart

Till you can’t get home…

Two years ago I started a new life. Every month I would take trip. On the brink of a break down on a Miami beach a new friend shared that she extended her weekend to 4 day weekends once a month or so just to take some time away. It was a breakthrough moment for me. I haven’t written for the blog since…because I have been traveling and changing  spiritually every month since. After a full year of this the Universe gifted me with a remarkable client who gave me a full year of discounted flight privileges…a year later and I’m still overwhelmed with gratitude for her kindness.

I’m hooked on the travel bug. I don’t even use the word vacation anymore. This is my way of life, I know, for the rest of my life. I am not a save for a year and go to Paris and come back and save for another year and go to Brazil kind of lady. I am a…I have $400, where can that take me? kind of woman and for 18 months that what I did untilllllll…


For Four….count them FOUR straight trips. 2 U.S and 2 International trips. 2 paid confirmed round trip tickets and 2 standby roundtrip tickets.

On my last trip the night before departure I had a nightmare that we had delays and something bad happened. I shrugged it off as paranoia. WELLLLLLL the flight was completely cancelled after several delays, the staff wouldn’t release us from the airport, we stayed in a foreign country for an extra night (no compensation) and the next day our flight was delayed several hours forcing us to miss our connection and stay all night in Newark and taking a red eye to Atlanta the next day . I arrived at the airport an hour before my first client was due and I worked about 55 hours that week. At home at nite  I would fall asleep and wake up at 4am hallucinating and not knowing where I was.

I thought this would slow me down. Yes I’m tired but I’m trying to figure out what the universe is telling me. Why can’t I come home.

I decided to take a look at my definition of home. Redefine it. Write my blog again. Make home the visible invisible place called the internet and learn to be at peace in this unending freedom.


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