gen·ius /ˈjēn…

Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.
A person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect: “musical genius”.

Be a Genius Daily. What does that mean? That means wake up every single day and believe in you. Believe that what the Creator created was fuckin awesome…that what your mother and father did on that brisk nite in the backseat was worth it…and know that what Spirit guides you to do is Genius at work. Chile you aint here for nothin…so You mite as well let that Genius out and let your FREAK FLAG FLY!!!  And stop trying to be average…you know what I mean…going to “work” everyday, doing crap you care less about and livin for those 48 hours between Friday and Monday…CHILE BYE!!! What you do is Genius to me…cause guess what???? I don’t do it, don’t want to and can’t figure it out…the Creator put it in you to do not me. So if you fix cars, or taste wine, or play with children or design designer dog bows…do it cause your a FREAKIN Genius

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One thought on “gen·ius /ˈjēn…

  1. on said:

    All I can say us, gotcha. 🙂

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