Matters of Accountablity

I’m trying to heal my Ex’s heart. He suffers from lack of Spiritual Connection. He desires it for himself and in a romantic relationship. He texts me about every three days with a woe is me story about how inadequate he feels as a partner. He says he feels he causes too much pain and discord and he doesn’t know if he is even equipped to be a father at 38. (he has no children). I feel his pain, I understand his worries, he expressed this worry to me almost 10 years ago when we first met. I love this man and I know him well. He was raised in a Christian “Hell, Fire and Damnation” household. His Daddy is a preacher, his Grandaddy was a preacher, His brother is a Preacher…need I say more. I asked him If he could just for one second stop looking at himself as a Demon or an Angel. Look at himself as Spirit. Look at himself thru the lens of of learning, growing and fulfilling life purpose.  Life isn’t always about right or wrong, heaven or hell. We love, we connect, we grow. There is no such thing as inadequacy in partnership and relating. Love is a mutual exchange of learning and growing. In life we all have to be accountable to discord but also to connection and freedom and goofy laughter and hard work! None of life’s ups or downs are greater or less than the other. I pray my friends heart mends. I pray that he finds purpose in his life. I pray that he washes the dust of blame off his ass and showers himself in self acceptance…on that day maybe we will get back together! Not likely 🙂

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