The Thin Mints Within

I was finally able to explain who I am to someone else. I am proud of myself. I’ve known I am a Spirit walking in a human form for many many years but because I am on earth…do as the Romans do. So I was shucking and jiving for many years trying to find a place that I fit and that I can ‘be normal’. It ain’t happen Cap’n!  Now I’m not saying I’m an alien, Jesus Christ or his mother Mary. What I am saying is that Ive always had a peak interest in all things Spiritual from a very young age. I once told my Mom that if she were a bit  more religious I would have become a Nun. I love Buddhism, Christianity,Islam, new age, art (which I think is a sort of religion), Native American and African rituals, Jehovah Witness, shit I respect wicca and white magic. I love anything that brings the human experience closer to the divine. I love it like a fat kid loves girl scout cookies. My purpose in life is to help others find this “thin mint” within themselves.

I don’t think I realized how unhappy so many people were until I stuck my own curly confused head out of my depressed and ego driven bubble and really started to see. When I got my happy, my friends started to fall away and others started popping up as leaches. When I got happy men weren’t as attracted to me because my mess didn’t match their self destruction…no marriage there.  My family is always super supportive, they knew me as weird but now I’m even more the odd ball. Its been an interesting walk. But I kept walking toward it because I’ve never known a love like this.

I am so proud of so many of the women that I surround myself with who are walking toward themselves Spiritually everyday.  A lot of them cry and fuss and “backslide” along the way. But they are walking with Harriet Tubman none the less. They are walking toward their freedom. Freedom as they say is NEVER truly free. In America we are taught what to think on such a deep level through tactful and intelligent marketing that its very hard to think and be free. We are all children in some sense wanting to be accepted and lead. HGTV tells us how our homes should look. Olivia Pope shows us what a strong and vulnerable woman is. Oprah teaches us what compassion is. Super Nanny tells us how to raise our children. Dr. Oz tells us how to eat and stay healthy. So for anyone its hard to stop and listen to your heart and follow your intuition into uncharted territory. But we must and we are. We are so tired of self hate the only way to go is toward Love. I have no problem being Harriet…LEG’GO!

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