92% of my women clients and friends have been sexually and physically abused by someone in their family…I’m no statistician but I’m pretty sure this percentage applies to all America as well.

Previous to the last 10 years we haven’t had to deal with our Abusers via social media…but ooooh how times have changed my friends.

I haven’t seen or heard from mine in over 20 years…

So imagine my surprise when my abuser asked to be my friend on FREAKIN FACEBOOK.


Nah Son…hell to tha Nah.

So this is my advice to the 92%…


Do NOT ignore it

Do NOT second guess yourself

Do NOT think twice

NO Friend, NO Follows, NO likes


Delete AND Block

Do not pass go and do not Collect $200…NO

No matter how many years have passed. No matter how much you have forgiven the person or people. No matter how much healing work you have done or not done…There is NO space for them in your life. Honor you and forgive them once more…but


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